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“Simple, Functional and Beautiful”, is the main concept behind Architecture. This is very important, and the basis behind all of the work. From a simple sketch, to a simple 3D model, great architecture is born. No unnecessary lines, or aesthetics, but the pure concept itself. With that, the basis is all in the initial concept. From there, it's an evolution of forms and design. Every line has a reason, and every form has a specific connection to the overall composition.

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The Story

      Hello, I am Simeon Kirilov a Licensed Architect in both Michigan and Florida. I am a highly skilled, dedicated, and enthusiastic professional with over 14 years of experience in the field of Architectural Design and Project Management. I have extensive experience managing large‐scale and small-scale projects from the initial design to final completion.

      Perhaps it is my European heritage, but it is my belief that at its core Architecture and Design is an art form.  From something as simple as an 800 square foot interior renovation, to a multi-million dollar redevelopment project the artistic design intent will always be the primary focus.  My years of experience has taught me that through the combined use of 3D Visual Modeling and Construction Documentation it is possible to bring both art and design to the final built project.  Throughout that time, I have been afforded the opportunity to collaborate with developers, builders, and engineers to bring many Architectural projects to life.

      My journey as a Professional Architect and designer has given me the chance to express my passion through Design and to help Clients achieve their Dreams.

      See below for examples of work experience.

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Professional Experience

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With several years of experience, I can provide Architectural Designs from Concept to Schematic Sets.  I am experienced in working directly with Clients to understand their design needs and to provide a lasting, beautiful and functional design to meet their needs and expectations.

Project Management

With over 8 years of Construction Management experience, I can manage and follow a project through from initial permitting to final inspection/CO.  I have worked with many Engineers, Architects and Contractors to problem solve, review submittals and mitigate in-field issues during construction to benefit the Client's needs.

Rendering/3D Modeling

Since the release of AutoCAD R14, I have worked in the 3D realm with experience in many programs not limited to modeling but rendering as well.  I can provide not only 2D drawings, but full 3D modeling from conceptual massing to full 4D imaging and everything in between.

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Construction Documents

With experience in both the Construction field and Architectural field, I can provide full construction drawings from Concept to signed and sealed for permitting/bidding.  My experience includes, but not limited to coordinating with consultants, troubleshooting and redesigning Concept drawings to make them functional, sketching and designing initial structure, crosschecking staff work, and final full CD set reviews prior to signing and sealing.

SPA's and Entitlements

I have worked with several National companies to provide site plans, entitlements, construction documents and project management to new locations. I have worked close with Owners, Development Teams, and City Staff to provide the best designs to meet all parties' expectations.

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Boca Raton, FL, USA


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